What Electrician Training Qualifications Do You Need

Since most people get their Electrician Training in some type of apprenticeship program we will start there.

Qualifications to get into an apprenticeship program usually consist of being at least eighteen years old, having a high school diploma or G.E.D. and of course a basic bit of electrical knowledge would help, and you’ll probably have to take some type of aptitude test. Other traits that you might need would include manual dexterity a good sense of balance and good hand eye coordination. Other traits would probably be good color vision to read the color codes of many of the components.

Most people get their Electrician Training through an apprenticeship program. This is usually made up of paid one the job training with classroom instruction. This usually lasts for four years, with each year consisting of about 2000 hours of on the job training and about 144 hours of classroom work. As an apprentice you will be working with a journeyman or some senior electrician, and you will probable be doing all or most of the grunt work, such as lifting, carrying, moving, pulling, and generally getting the dirty work, but you will learn what to do. The training electricians take pride in their apprentices, and want them to be the best, and always doing things in the safest way possible.

Getting into the electrical field should not be too hard, as more electricians are needed all the time, so more apprenticeships will be opening up. Next time we will discuss the different fields or areas of electrical work, here at Electrician Training Guide.

Getting Started in Electrician Training

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Getting started as an electrician begins when you first start to consider being an electrician. If you are still in high school, you should look into basic electricity classes or maybe some hobby where you can learn the basics of electric circuits. If you are finished with high school you could look into vocational training, there are many good schools that you could attend, or maybe go to online.

Most electricians get there training thru an apprenticeship program. So why worry about learning the basics if you are going to get into an apprenticeship program? Knowing the basics might help to get you into the program, or at least help out when you start so that you are not completely lost. Besides, if Electrician Training is going to lead to a career as an electrician, you should have a real desire to learn.

The prospects in the electrical field are really pretty good. The number of electricians needed is expected to go up. So as a journeyman electrician you can usually find work pretty easily. The pay rate in the electrical field usually runs about $12-$15 p/h for a starting apprentice, up to about $35-$45 p/h for a top journeyman. And you could keep going on till you get your master license, and then become the top electrician on any job, or maybe even start your own business. I hope that you will come back. Next time we will discuss qualifications and more on the apprenticeship programs, here at Electrician Training.

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